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Family mediation is a process for helping family members who have a dispute or a tough challenge (such as elder care planning) decide together what to do. The mediator, a trained professional, helps family members talk constructively about things that are hard to talk about, sort out what matters most to the people involved and why those things matter, consider a variety of options for meeting everyone’s needs, and develop a solution.
The problem most often brought to family mediators is the question of how to settle a divorce. By working with one mediator to settle the matter instead of working with two lawyers, who may be inclined to help the parties fight with each other much more than necessary, the parties stay in control of what gets decided, avoid a lot of emotional distress, save thousands of dollars, and avoid wasting a lot of time.
All of the mediators in Colin Family Mediation Group are well trained, experienced, and certified by the Supreme Court of Virginia to mediate family matters.

We listen well and care what happens for our clients.
We leave decision-making power where it belongs — with our clients.
Most of our divorce clients need only $500 – $2,000 worth of professional assistance.

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Nichols Family Solutions is a family mediation practice offering a cost-effective alternative to expensive litigation. Lucy offers families a way to keep important family decisions out of the adversarial system, allowing parties to resolve their own conflicts and create child-centered custody and parenting plans.

Working with an experienced mediator is helpful in reducing conflict and reaching agreements. Lucy helps her clients focus on positive resolutions, reaching agreements, and finding ways to move forward rather than staying stuck in their conflict. As a family lawyer, Lucy Nichols devoted her legal career to helping people through complex, high conflict child custody and divorce cases. Lucy has dedicated her career for 30 years to working with families in conflict first as a family lawyer and now exclusively working as a family mediator. She understands the emotional and financial devastation litigation has on families, the most significant being the short and long-term damage to the children.

Lucy is an experienced family mediator and mentor mediator, certified by the Virginia Supreme Court. She dedicates her practice to family mediation focusing on child custody and parenting plans, custody modification, child relocation, child support, conflicts arising in blending families, reconciling families, elder care mediation, parent-child conflict, parent and adult child conflict, same sex couple/family mediation, Christian Conciliation, and conflict resolution for separating and divorcing couples including division of property and spousal support.

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