You may find yourself
Behind the wheel of a large automobile
And you may find yourself in a beautiful house
With a beautiful wife
And you may ask yourself, well
How did I get here?

You may ask yourself
What is that beautiful house?
You may ask yourself
Where does that highway go to?
And you may ask yourself
Am I right? Am I wrong?
And you may say to yourself
“My God! What have I done?”

— Excerpted Lyrics from Once in a Lifetime, The Talking Heads

If you’ve ever gone through a day or a week or a month wondering “How did I get here? My God! What have I done?” it might be time to reach out to Rajika Mahan to sort out the answers to these questions and get your life on track.

The more you can dream, the more you can do

As a Certified Dream Builder Coach, Rajika helps those who are weary, dazed, and confused break through the fog of their unfulfilling lives, visualize and clarify what they really want from their lives, and take the necessary steps to get from where they are today to where they want to be.

Rajika first became interested in becoming a certified DreamBuilder coach after attending a 3-day workshop with her mentor and business partner, Mary Morrissey.

Rajika tells us:

“Three years ago I was at a crossroads in my marriage. My husband and I got married very young and after being married for 25 years I didn’t feel connected to him in the way I wanted. I was looking for a resource that would help me improve my communication and my relationship with my husband because deep down I did not want to separate from him; I just wanted our relationship to work.”

“I had never heard of Mary Morrissey until a friend of mine took me to her 3-day seminar. During that weekend I was guided to create a vision of what I wanted my life and marriage to be like, and then work backward from that vision to make it real for me. Mary’s work resonated with me because she applies universal laws like the law of abundance that I really like and had been reading up on even before I met Mary. “

“This year my husband and I will be celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary. I am no longer unhappy in my marriage. The Dream Vision process that I learned from Mary gave me the clarity I needed about who I was being in relationship to my husband and how I was communicating with him that was standing in the way of having the marriage I really wanted. I learned how to let go of being judgmental in my communication with him and having preconceived ideas of how things were going to go even before I began a conversation with him.”

“When I changed my perspective on who I was being in my conversations with my husband and took responsibility for my own actions and changed my language, my husband became more open to listening to me and our marriage improved. This was all thanks go Mary’s coaching and training, and that’s why I want to offer the same life-changing clarity and support to others that I received from Mary.”

A Client Success Story

Currently, Rajika is helping one of her clients gain the clarity and confidence she needs to achieve her own life dream of opening a wellness center.

“She didn’t realize this was her life dream until we started working together to uncover what she really wants from her life,” Rajika says. “She was struggling with limiting beliefs and negative self-talk rooted in her childhood experiences growing up, like we all do. In our work together, she has been able to achieve a shift in her mindset so that she is now able to take the steps she needs to make her wellness center a reality and truly believe in herself and her ability to make it happen.”

“Everyone struggles at some point in their life with questions of whether we are worthy enough and good enough to do what we want to do in life. We all get lost in the midst of trying to take care of our families and our parents and spouses and friends and we lose touch with who it is we really want to be and where we want to go with our lives. Everyone needs someone who will listen to them deeply, help them gain clarity about their heart’s desires, and believe in them until they can believe in themselves. That’s where my DreamBuilder coaching can help.”

“I do monthly vision workshops in the Northern Virginia area where we look at where our discontent and longing is, and then create a blueprint to reach our vision. I take people through an exercise called a time machine which people love that helps them figure out how it would look for them if their dream and vision came true. We also learn how to befriend our fear, because fear is the killer of all dreams.”

In addition to private one-on-one coaching, Rajika offers half-day and customized seminars for large or small groups, in-house corporate trainings, executive and personal retreats, and keynote speeches.

Next Vision Workshop

Vision Workshop with Rajika Mahan

Rajika’s next Vision Workshop will take place on Thursday, December 19, from 7-9 PM at the George Mason Enterprise Center at 4031 University Dr., Fairfax, Virginia.

Workshop participants will gain clarity around their dream life, what is holding them back from achieving their dream life and will leave with an action blueprint for the next steps to move towards their goal in 2020. Light refreshments & beverages as well as a journal will be provided during the seminar.

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